Nicole Calhoun

Nicole Calhoun instructs the following:
  • The Big 3! Finding Strength, Agility and Weightlessness in Powerful Arm Balances!
  • Arm balances normally fall into two categories: Those that require more spinal extension and heart opening and those that require more spinal rounding and posterior activation deep within the pelvis. In this workshop, we will focus on arm balances that fall into the latter category. Three great examples of these arm balances are crow/crane, flying pigeon, and firefly or 'The Big 3.' We’ll begin by building YOUR perfect crow/crane and learning ways to tweak and improve this foundation arm balance to make you stronger in ALL of your arm balances. We will also break down ways to safely transition in and out of crow with ease! Next, we’ll tackle flying pigeon by externally opening up the hips and breaking this pose down one step at a time so that you find success. Finally, we'll tap into your hamstring flexibility and examine firefly and learn how to flow in and out of this powerful arm balance. Sprinkle in some required shoulder strengthening and core utilization work and you’ll be able to approach ‘The Big 3’ with a new, positive attitude and a true sense of lightness and ease!
    $30 before October 22nd, General Admission $40. Discount applied at check out.  Membership discount does not apply to this event. This event is nonrefundable and not valid with any other offer.


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