Teacher Feature ~ Jim Hey

Jim teaches Warm Slow Flow every Saturday at 10:15. 

Favorite pose?

Half pigeon.  It's an amazing pose to let go and relax.  If you hold the pose long enough, your entire body and mind releases.

First introduced to yoga?

On a whim, I dropped into a class at a local gym.  After the first clas, I went up and hugged the teacher.

10 words or less on why you love yoga.

The feeling I have after a practice.

How does your practice make you stronger?

My practice has taught me how to relax my mind and focus, reducing stress and making me stronger.

How do you remain grounded outside the yoga studio?

I work at reducing external stress as much as possible.  The biggest change I've made towards this is to avoid violence in movies and TV.  I seldom watch the news.

Any advice to the beginner yogi?

Listen to your body.  Do what feels right and don't give up.

Favorite mantra or intention?

I am good.  I am peaceful and at ease.  I am happy.

Biggest misconception about being a yoga instructor?

That I am calm and in control.  Both take continuous work.

Name one healthy food that you swear by:

Avocados.  I love the way they taste.


Yogi of the Month ~ Beth Brown

I've been an avid runner most of my life.  I would run, take a shower, and continue on with my day.  It wasn't until I began experiencing nagging and lingering issues that I realized I needed to respect and listen to my body.  Since beginning yoga I've seen and felt a multitude of results.  Not only in my flexibility and strength but also in my mindset.  Since becoming a member at Yoga Story I've learned to just "breathe in" and let things go.  The lessons that we are being taught on the mat began translating into my everyday life; stop worrying about the pose or the situation that I am in my life and just be present.  One of the main things I've learned since starting yoga was to be patient.  It is easy to get frustrated when when you look around and see people doing a pose that you can not hold.  Yoga has taught me not to compare myself to others; everyone is in a different place in their journey.  

Yoga Story instructors are the best around!  Every single one of them is challenging, open-minded, and more importantly don't judge you on where you are at in your journey.  I am so thankful to be able to go to a studio where I feel comfortable and welcome.  What a better way to complete a class than with a cool cloth.  




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