Yogi of the Month ~ Hank Hecksher

I read somewhere that you are ultimately defined by 4 things:  how you face change, how you move through adversity, how you celebrate and how you give back.

How long have you been practicing?

On and off for a long time.  I remember meditation and yoga poses from high school in Miami Oklahoma (Go Wardogs! Class of '73)

What's your favorite pose and why?

Favorite pose is "Wheel" because I can't do it.  I used to, but can't now - I'm getting lots of help and encouragement.

In 10 words or less describe why you love yoga:

Intentionally accomplishing greater actions under duress - (we are meant to grow and yoga is the gentle surface of resistance begging us to try more.)

How does your yoga practice benefit your other passions/hobbies?

I'm a golfer and yoga helps me with flexibility and concentration.

Why did you start practicing yoga?

I started because I was curious.  I thought it was cool (hippie) - now I'm working through a recent realization that there is real energy (thank you).

How does yoga impact your everyday life?

Yoga helps me appreciate and be thankful for what I have and to remember that all things are precious.

What misconceptions about yoga, if any, were changed after you started practicing?

Yoga does "poses" but the purpose (of yoga and everything) is to be engaged and active with what's around you, realize there will be challenges (work through them), and always be true to yourself.




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