Yogi of the Month ~ Veronica Cotton

I started a weight loss journey in November 2015 and I was at the point of needing a new workout.  I was 65 lbs down and I needed a new challenge.  I starting practicing yoga May 15, 2016, and my first class was Yoga Body Boost.  I had been noticing a difference in a friend that was taking the Yoga Body Boost class twice a week, so I thought I would give it a try.  I discovered not only did I have a good workout in such a short amount of time, but I felt good and my body didn't hurt so bad the next day. I could actually get up and move!

I was very scared to try yoga at first, the noises my body was already making were terrifying enough. Just imagining being in a heated, enclosed room, bent over and squishing my overweight body into a little ball...it's going to make a noise or two!  This to me was horrific, but I knew I needed to continue my weight loss journey and yoga could be what I needed to help get my muscle tone and balance back. So I grabbed a pair of Spanks to suck in the extra fat and proceeded to commit to the 30 day challenge. After 30 days of classes, well maybe just 17-20 days, I saw a huge improvement, not only with my balance and weight loss, but with my muscle tone as well.  In that short time, my percentage of muscle weight went up 2 percent thanks to Yoga Body Boost classes.

My favorite pose is Wheel (back bend) and I will never forget the day I thought "Hey, I can do this!" and whoa, I was up and down quickly before I knew it.  So the second time around, I was up, with some assistance and wow, I was holding myself up for 5 yoga breaths, which everyone knows is longer than a century!

I really thought after my 30 days was up, I would really not care to do yoga anymore.  But oh how was I wrong.  The way my body, mind and soul felt after class was amazing.  The challenges and fears I faced in each class got easier and harder at the same time.  It's the first time that I ever took a class and only thought about me for an hour.

By just taking this time for me, I learn more and more about what my body and mind can overcome. The challenges of the poses and strength it takes to hold them in class, translates into everyday life and helps me to learn how to feed my soul correctly.  I have more confidence and peace of mind all at the same time.

Currently I am a total of 127 pounds down from November 6, 2015.  So yes, yoga is a big part of my life now.



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