Watching a Dream Unfold: Yoga Teacher Training ~ Judy Moss

It’s a funny thing sometimes, isn’t it?

This weekend was the fourth weekend of Yoga Teacher Training. That’s right folks, it has finally happened. What I have been chasing for two years has finally become a reality for me. I knew from that first yoga class that this is what I am meant to do. This is where my heart thrives and I want to pour all that I have into becoming who I am, authentically.

That’s sometimes a hard thing for us to figure out. Life has a way of getting so busy and cluttered that we slowly begin living reactionary lives trying to just get by rather than intentionally making decisions to get where we want to go. Before you know it, we have forgotten all about where it was we were heading.

The truth is that we can always be doing something to get where we want to go be it taking a class, reading material, getting a mentor, etc. You get the idea here. A dream job or a happy life doesn’t just happen to find some people and not others. Whether we want to get down to business and admit that our own decisions lead us to where we are or not doesn’t make a difference. The simple truth is that we decide the path of our lives in the daily decisions we make. That’s not to say that bad things don’t happen, but when they do, how are we going to handle them? I think that is where who we are at the core shines...during those hard times.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to find your passion and be fiercely protective of it. In doing that, you have to nurture it and share it with only those that will aide you in bringing it to life. That is the exact reason I chose to do my yoga teacher training with Yoga Story. There are training programs all over and numerous online schools that will get you certified, but when you are following your dream, you don’t go through a program with just anyone.

I knew without a doubt that Yoga Story would hold me to the highest of standards and offer only their best in educating me to become a part of the yoga community. That’s the thing about them, they are not just a studio or a school, they are a community; a network of genuine love and support for their students and teachers.

Has it been easy? Ha… Absolutely NOT!!!
Has it been worth it? You better believe it!! ????

We are now four weeks into training and I have met some amazing people and made wonderful, lasting friendships. A common interest brought us all together, but Yoga Story is making us part of a community. Who knows where we will all end up after training is over, but one thing is certain…

I will forever be grateful to Yoga Story for their integrity and dedication to offering nothing less than their best in this program.

What I know for sure is that you have to absorb the joy in pursuing a passion. It may no come fast and it probably won't come easy, but it will come if you keep reaching for it. Go out and grab the life of your dreams!!! What are you waiting for?




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