Lee Williams

We all have stories!  Some more interesting, some more colorful, some more sad and some more glad. ☺  In my mind, the stories are the essence of our society, or at least it once was.  Today everyone is running around and being so busy they miss the stories and the people who carry them (this includes me!!).  I once walked around downtown Denver during morning rush hour.  The office workers were running to and fro, trying to make the early rounds of their day.  I walked for 30 minutes and only had 3 people give me eye contact, as if to say, “I see you and greet you this morning.”  We need to stop for a moment meet, greet and talk to people, “You May? Just Like Them!!!”  They could be fun and a story exchange might take place, then you also could carry and remember the story.

So here comes the Lee Williams “Yoga Story” (Short Version)

In 2011 my wife (Marzelle) and I moved to Bella Vista from Oklahoma.  I was an avowed workaholic, in a high stress job and had all the usual health conditions, high cholesterol, stress, minor bouts with high blood pressure and of course there was a minor bout of cancer.  I had a hard time relaxing and letting my mind rest for a while, the act of “Being here Now”, had been lost to me many years ago.  I think my many years of running my behind off had finally taken their toll, but I had not figured it out yet.

So, needing to do something with myself in BV, I thought Yoga sounded good.   I went to a senior yoga class in Bella Vista.  The people there were nice, but I thought I needed a little more.  I was still working part time in Tulsa.  So, I went to the Tulsa YMCA and was introduced to Vinyasa flow.  I never went back to the seniors.  About a year later, I stumbled in to the hot Yoga classes at Yoga Story and the rest was history.  I never went back to the YMCA either!!  I was hooked and actually would go to hot yoga classes in Bentonville and Salt Yoga in Tulsa, when I was working in Tulsa.  Yes Yoga Story, I was two timing you!! I should say, I was sorry, but I loved every minute in both Studios and have no regrets or remorse!!  

I love to get on my mat, clear my mind and just going with the flow of the workout.  Hot yoga has helped me to focus more on my inner self.  I want to use Yoga as a path for better physical and mental health and hopefully more meaningful time with my family, friends and mat buddies in the future.  It is a real physical challenge for me to go through the routines.  I sometimes wonder, “What this Old Guy is doing here?”  I walk on my mat and realize, most parts of my body have aches and pains, however, after the workout,  I feel fantastic.  I have lowered my cholesterol, lowered my blood pressure, lost about 5 pounds and firmed up a bunch.  

I really think that the best part of my Yoga Story experience is having had an opportunity to share a story or two that I carry and having the opportunity to speak to a few who give me eye contact, allow me into their space and come to know  a little about me as I learn about them.  Then we can share the essence of our society and be as one in mind, if only for an instant in time.  “Namaste”

This was the short story, the long version may require that we have an hour or two. ☺  See you on your mat.

Yogi of the Month ~ Christine Horwart

How long have you been practicing?   Not long enough.

What’s your favorite pose and why?   Depends on the day.  My body, mind and spirit dictate.

In 10 words or less describe why you love yoga: Yoga makes me a better person.

How does your yoga practice benefit your other passions/hobbies?  I am stronger, yet more forgiving.  A powerful combination.

Why did you start practicing yoga?  I truly don’t remember.  Divine intervention?

How does yoga impact your everyday life?  I am stronger, yet more forgiving.  A powerful combination.

What misconceptions about yoga, if any, were changed after you started practicing?  Yoga is for sissies.  



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