Yogi's of the Month ~ Alice Torvinen & Aaron Rogers

We love Rock Solid Trails and the great work they are doing to improve our trail system in Northwest Arkansas.  And we especially love that they practice with us!  Meet Alice and Aaron!



How long have you been practicing?  Alice ~ 9 years

Aaron ~ I started practicing Yoga back in the end of November 2017.

Any advice on how to make time for practice with a busy work/family schedule? Alice ~ bring your favorite aspects of yoga into you daily routines (even if they are small!) - pause to notice your breath, change your passwords to your favorite mantras, break into your favorite poses while filling your car up with gas!

Aaron ~ Practicing Yoga seems essential for helping to create that work/life balance.  Having an hour for yourself a few times a week seems worth the time especially when you can make Yoga whatever you need it to be for your own personal wellness.  

Describe your yoga practice in one or two word: Alice ~ lovely struggle

Aaron ~ Empowering 

How does your yoga practice benefit your other passions/hobbies? Alice ~ My practice creates space -- it creates time, patience, space to move in my own body, as well as space for others -- all of these things encourage me to continue to learn and expand my interests!

Aaron ~ Yoga benefits my active outdoor lifestyle by providing a time to stretch and work on flexibility along with strengthening muscles not used in many activities.  It also provides a physical outlet on days where the conditions are not ideal for getting outside.  

Why did you start practicing yoga? Alice ~ Just trying to be the best hippie I could be ;) 

Aaron ~ I started practicing yoga to work on flexibility and range of motion issues. Repeated injuries from extreme sports such as Mountain Biking, Snowboarding/ Skiing and years of manual labor jobs has had an impact on my body.  I had wanted to start a consistent Yoga practice for years which was made easy when I joined the Yoga Story!

How does yoga impact your everyday life? Alice ~ It grounds me in a humbling yet inspiring way!

Aaron ~ Yoga truly is whatever you need it to be.  Some days you can test your strength and balance. Other days you can lightly stretch and relax making it more of a meditative exercise.  Having those options and incorporating in with other activities seems to create a good balance.

What misconceptions about yoga, if any, were changed after you started practicing? Alice ~ No body actually cares what you look like while practicing! So you can pretty much do anything you want -- so go ahead and test the limits of this, not only is it freeing but can also be pretty entertaining! 

Aaron ~ The biggest misconception I had was how physically challenging Yoga could be if you push yourself.  Picking up Yoga definitely has made random activities not done regularly such as skiing, skating or anything else that requires balance much easier.  

Teacher Feature ~ Ginger Davidson

Ginger teaches Tuesday 4:30 Warm Flow and Tuesday 5:45 Meditative Flow at the Down Dog.


When were you first introduced to yoga, and what got you hooked?

I was first introduced to yoga at the tender age of 23, in Lawrence Kansas.  I hated it.   I had asthma as a child and couldn’t understand how to breathe properly.   I got hooked at 25 thru a YMCA yoga class.

What made you decide to become a yoga instructor?

I wanted to share the gift with others so they could transform their own lives and live with more peace.

What's your favorite pose?

Reclined bound angle is my favorite restorative pose—reminds me to ground to the Earth and keep my heart open.

How do you remain grounded outside of the yoga studio? 

Outside the studio nature grounds me.   If I am anxious a few minutes outside can make all the difference.  

What does your personal practice look like these days?

My personal practice these days is a little like my current season of life, up and down.    I do maintain a consistent meditation practice if I am unable to get asana in that day.   It’s a simple 5-10 minutes before I move from my bed each morning.  

What advice do you have for beginner yogi's, other than only focus on yourself?

I would tell beginners to not rush to the process.   Trust your breath to do the work and build a good solid foundation just as you would a house, and that doesn’t happen in a short amount of time.  We as a world are so rushed and Yoga and its work helps us to remember that it takes time to build something that will last.

In your opinion, what's the biggest misconception about being a yoga instructor?

The biggest misconception is that there is a certain Type of person that teaches yoga. 

One healthy food you swear by and why?

Apples.   They are full of fiber and help your sweet tooth.  (also good in a pinch if you are tired



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