Teacher Feature ~ Meet Ben Cary!

When were you first introduced to yoga, and what got you hooked?


I was first introduced to yoga a little over 2 years ago, I attended a yin class to help improve my flexibility and never stopped attending. I really enjoyed the mental benefits of intentional movement/breathing.


What made you decide to become a yoga instructor?


I decided to become an instructor once I realized I was passionate about movement. Teaching others has been the most rewarding thing I’ve done.


What’s your favorite pose?


My favorite pose Is probably bridge or shoulder stand. I have built up lots of shoulder strength due to my years in sports and I feel very grounded when balancing on my shoulders.


How do you remain grounded outside the yoga studio? What does your personal practice look like these days?


I remain grounded outside the studio through nature, I try to practice outside as much as I can in addition to training outside as well. There is nothing like finding your flow state out in nature all by yourself, it is just the most meditative experience. I make an effort to practice personally every day along with my breath work (wim hof).


What advice do you have for the beginner yogi, other than only focus on yourself?


My advice for a beginning yogi is to prioritize pranayama and breath control over physical asana, if you can’t express a pose in its fullest, back off and use your breath to get you there. Be patient, it takes time for your body to change; to undo years of conditioning. Continuing to practice with intention and consistency will have you experiencing change in no time.


In your opinion what the biggest misconception about being a yoga instructor?


“yoga is just stretching”



One healthy food you swear by, and why?


Just one? low glycemic fruit. it’s my treat now that I eat little to no sugar + filled with antioxidants. bananas, berries, etc. maybe even some dark chocolate if no one’s watching...


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