Yogi's Of The Month ~ Scott and Brenna Drindak

How long have you been practicing?


Scott: Yoga 101 with Casey on July 14th 2018

Brenna: I did a couple yoga DVDs years back but took my first class at Yoga Story on June 25th


Any advice on how to make time for practice with a busy work/family schedule?


Scott: Make time. Something will always take your time away. You just have to make time for

Brenna: You have to make it a priority. When I worked out at a gym, I made excuses and wouldn’t
go. I’ve never felt that way about yoga. It’s something I look forward to during the day and
know when I leave class, I’ll feel better both mentally and physically.


Describe your yoga practice in one word:


Scott: Revitalizing

Brenna: Essential


How does your yoga practice benefit your other passions/hobbies?


Scott: It aids in helping my flexibility.

Brenna: It gives me confidence to try new things.


Why did you start practicing yoga?


Scott: I could tell as getting older that I needed to do some form of exercise and discovered
yoga. What I also discovered was that it goes more in depth than just exercise. The exercise
just gets you ready for the meditation part.

Brena: I injured both Achilles tendons last year doing high impact classes at a local gym. At the
worst point, I was unable to stand or walk long periods of time due to pain and swelling. I
went to my doctor who sent me to PT for several weeks where I did exercises and was told to
rest as much as possible. (If you know me, you know this was extremely challenging..) but I
did what they said in order to heal. As my body slowly started to rebuild, my doctor
suggested yoga so here I am!


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