Yogi of the Month ~ Tammy Talbot

How long have you been practicing?
I've been practicing since June, 2016, starting with the 30 days for 30 dollars at Yoga Story.

What's your favorite pose and why?
I think half pigeon pose because the pose is helping open up my stuck hips.

In 10 words or less describe why you love yoga.
Expansive energy floods my body...feeling more alive each practice.

How does your yoga practice benefit your other passions/hobbies?
I love to run and yoga is helping me be injury free, as I had issues in the past with lower back and hip pain while running.

Why did you start practicing yoga?
My lower back was injured while training for the 2016 Bentonville Half Marathon. I couldn't run the HM and I realized that I couldn't keep running if I didn't properly stretch and strengthen my body.

How does yoga impact your everyday life?
Yoga helps me manage the stress of my job and other responsibilities of my life. On my mat I gain clarity and peace of mind.

What misconceptions about yoga, if any, were changed after you started practicing?
I thought yoga would be boring. I love running or walking outdoors alone, and I thought I would feel claustrophobic surrounded by others in a yoga studio. Yoga is definitely not boring, and I really enjoy the community support I feel at Yoga Story! Thanks so much!

Dry January by Julie Worden

Every January I resolve to scale back on consuming alcohol for a while to detox my body after the holidays. When I say “awhile”, I mean a couple of weeks.

During this past year, I noticed a pattern in my alcohol consumption.  If I was meeting friends, there was always a cocktail.  If I was at a social event, I had a glass of champagne in hand.  Even at home with dinner, I had a glass of wine while cooking, or with dinner.  I wasn’t getting drunk, nor do I consider that a problem with alcohol.  I considered it the norm for anyone of drinking age to incorporate libations in social events, gatherings with family and friends, and to relax at the end of the day.  But it did begin to weigh on me when I realized that I was pouring a glass of wine every time I sat down to watch Netflix.  

I didn’t plan to be dry the entire month of January, but what happened was unexpected and a lot easier that I thought.  As the first week rolled into the second, and third, there was a shift in my life…and I loved it….

YOUR YOGA PRACTICE WILL CHANGE ~ Does your brain feel dull or confused during yoga?  Do you feel lethargic and unmotivated?  If I had a couple of glasses of wine the night before a yoga class, the thought of sweating it out in a hot yoga studio was very unmotivating.  I was tired and foggy. Savasana was the only pose that I looked forward to. Remove the alcohol and you will find your yoga practice improves and becomes more consistent.  You make it to the studio 3-4 times per week and you push yourself a little harder in your practice.

YOU LOOK BETTER~ Okay I was going to say “younger” but that’s a stretch! No more puffy face and eyes, and dark circles in the morning.  Alcohol dehydrates your body and depletes nutrients from your skin, and here I was slathering expensive creams and serums on my face and neck every night, fighting a battle that I was making worse! 

YOU SLEEP BETTER~ And you’ll get up and go to yoga in the morning!  I used to think a nightcap helped me sleep better, but I was actually tossing and turning and up half the night.  You wake up feeling rested and ready to take on your day!

YOUR GYM WORKOUTS IMPROVE~Alcohol can limit the metabolism of other substances in the body, particularly carbohydrates, which means muscle glycogen levels are limited.  Your body has to burn through the alcohol first. Fatigue sets in earlier in your workout, making you feel tired and sluggish.  It’s hard to improve on speed, strength and endurance.  I’ve always been a “gym rat”, you never had to twist my arm to work out.  I feel stronger and have more energy to put toward my strength training goals.

YOU EAT HEATHIER AND DRINK MORE WATER~ I do eat healthy, but I noticed that when I had a drink in hand I was nibbling a lot on cheese and gluten-free crackers, chips and salsa, a bite of dark chocolate here and there.  In the morning, I reached for coffee first. Now when I wake up I have a cup of hot lemon water and I want to eat breakfast before I have any caffeine.  And I don’t want as much coffee anymore.  I want water!  I crave fruits and veggies all day, and water!  Eating healthy consistently is so much easier.

YOU NOTICE A CHANGE IN YOUR BODY~ All of those glasses of wine with dinner, margaritas on girl’s night out, and champagne at brunch are filled with empty calories and sugar.  You’ll create a calorie deficit by replacing booze with water, and you might lose a few pounds. 

YOU HAVE MORE ENERGY~Ever look at your to-do list and get pissed off?  When you wake up after a good night’s sleep and no brain fog, you’ll hit the ground running and blow through that to-do list like a boss.  And you want to make it to yoga practice, hit the gym, plan your meals for the week, and prep your food.  See how it all works together?

YOU BECOME NICER~ Or maybe more pleasant is a better way of putting it.  I think I’m a nice person, but I realized that I have more self-awareness and it’s improved my relationships.  It’s not always all about me.  Having more compassion and empathy feels really good.

So there you have it.  As dry January comes to a close, I can say with the utmost honesty that I still LOVE my glass of wine with my girlfriends. And my cranberry vodka with a splash of lime while relaxing on the deck with my Handsome. And my margarita no salt with my chips and salsa.  Is this a permanent change for me?  I’m not sure.  But for now I’m loving the way I feel.


2017 Message from Lynn

It's all about intentions, not resolutions.


Yogi of the Month ~ Jimmy Beasley

How long have you been practicing?

Introduced to yoga in 2011 at a Bikram studio in Fort Worth. But I've only been "consistent" since March of 2016.

What’s your favorite pose and why?
Everything other than downward dog. I'm still trying to figure out how downward dog is a "resting" pose.

In 10 words or less describe why you love yoga: 

Balance. strength in weakness, weakness in strength. Desirable humility 

How does your yoga practice benefit your other passions/hobbies?

It enhances my training & helps to provide perspective to my life and others in my life.

Why did you start practicing yoga?

Natural progression. It made sense.

How does yoga impact your everyday life?

My life is more in focused with a broader view.

What misconceptions about yoga, if any, were changed after you started practicing?

Mostly a woman's activity. I believe men would benefit just as much, if not more, from a spiritual, soulful, and physical perspective. Our son even practices yoga. The whole family benefits.


Yogi of the Month ~ Katie Dennis

How long have you been practicing? About 4 years

What’s your favorite pose and why? I enjoy dancer because it is so beautiful and graceful (if I can hold it J)

In 10 words or less describe why you love yoga: Yoga brings me peace, clarity and it cleanses me.

How does your yoga practice benefit your other passions/hobbies? When I practice yoga, it makes me happy. The happiness flows into the next day. When I am happy, I take part in more of my hobbies with more joy and passion.

Why did you start practicing yoga? I initially started to tone, now I practice for a multitude of reasons. I believe God blessed me with a strong and capable body and I should use it and strengthen it every chance I get.

How does yoga impact your everyday life? Yoga helps me to deal with my anxiety- it is better than anything a doctor can prescribe. It is truly one of my most helpful outlets or resources for stress and helps me exercise an intentional focus which I can use outside of the studio.

What misconceptions about yoga, if any, were changed after you started practicing? I thought it might just be all about stretching, not so much of a work out. That changed quickly with my first heated class. Not only is every class challenging, but it tests your mind to focus.


Teacher Feature ~ Anne Suarez

Anne teaches Hot Flow Monday 7:45 am, Not So Hot Flow Monday 9:00 am, Warm Flow Tuesday 11:45 am, and The Zen Hour Wednesday 11:45 am.

Favorite pose and why:  Ananda Balasana – Happy Baby Pose- because it evokes bliss and joy.  It is also a great way to lengthen the spine, open the chest, shoulders and stretch the inner groin, thighs and hamstrings. 

First introduced to yoga:  On a vacation to Colorado I decided to try yoga to help my flexibility (I was an avid runner). 

10 words or less on why I love yoga:  Yoga helps me connect my breath, mind, body and spirit. 

How does my practice make me stronger:  It has helped me develop mental focus, stamina and physical strength.  

How do you remain grounded outside the yoga studio: 

I love spending time with family, friends and my Westie, Lucky.   I try and stay open to possibility and learning.  

Advice to beginner yogi: Your body and yoga is a journey unique to you- to be explored with loving kindness.  

Mantra or intention: “Peace begins with a smile”.  Mother Teresa

Biggest misconception about being a yoga instructor: is that we have it all together- the yoga of daily life is ongoing and involves energy.  

One healthy food I swear by and why:  coconut water because it helps me stay hydrated. 



Living Your Dreams by Judy Moss

When you wake up every single day with the realization that you know exactly what it is that your heart is telling you to do, you have found a gift that not everyone unwraps in their lifetime. Read More

Nina White ~ A Story of Encouragement

Watch Nina's inspirational video about her health journey and the difference yoga can make.


Teacher Feature ~ Greg Johnson

Greg teaches Hot Flow every Wednesday 5:15 am.

Favorite pose and why? 
Inversions - they help relieve pain in my back.

First introduced to yoga?  My wife had been a yogi for a few years and always invited me to go with her. I finally gave in when I got a running injury.  Been hooked since the first time!

10 words or less on why I love yoga?  Makes me mentally stronger by focusing on breath and drishti.

How do you remain grounded outside the yoga studio?  I run and have a personal practice I try to stick to at home.

Advice to a beginner yogi?  Breathe and don't worry about what everybody else is doing.  Focus on what you can control on your mat.

Mantra or intention?  I get to decide what I see in the mirror!

Biggest misconception about being a yoga instructor? That we know everything and we're all hippies.

One healthy food I swear by and why? Apples, replace that mid-afternoon snack with an apple and it will fill you up for hours.


Yogi of the Month ~ Veronica Cotton

I started a weight loss journey in November 2015 and I was at the point of needing a new workout.  I was 65 lbs down and I needed a new challenge.  I starting practicing yoga May 15, 2016, and my first class was Yoga Body Boost.  I had been noticing a difference in a friend that was taking the Yoga Body Boost class twice a week, so I thought I would give it a try.  I discovered not only did I have a good workout in such a short amount of time, but I felt good and my body didn't hurt so bad the next day. I could actually get up and move!

I was very scared to try yoga at first, the noises my body was already making were terrifying enough. Just imagining being in a heated, enclosed room, bent over and squishing my overweight body into a little ball...it's going to make a noise or two!  This to me was horrific, but I knew I needed to continue my weight loss journey and yoga could be what I needed to help get my muscle tone and balance back. So I grabbed a pair of Spanks to suck in the extra fat and proceeded to commit to the 30 day challenge. After 30 days of classes, well maybe just 17-20 days, I saw a huge improvement, not only with my balance and weight loss, but with my muscle tone as well.  In that short time, my percentage of muscle weight went up 2 percent thanks to Yoga Body Boost classes.

My favorite pose is Wheel (back bend) and I will never forget the day I thought "Hey, I can do this!" and whoa, I was up and down quickly before I knew it.  So the second time around, I was up, with some assistance and wow, I was holding myself up for 5 yoga breaths, which everyone knows is longer than a century!

I really thought after my 30 days was up, I would really not care to do yoga anymore.  But oh how was I wrong.  The way my body, mind and soul felt after class was amazing.  The challenges and fears I faced in each class got easier and harder at the same time.  It's the first time that I ever took a class and only thought about me for an hour.

By just taking this time for me, I learn more and more about what my body and mind can overcome. The challenges of the poses and strength it takes to hold them in class, translates into everyday life and helps me to learn how to feed my soul correctly.  I have more confidence and peace of mind all at the same time.

Currently I am a total of 127 pounds down from November 6, 2015.  So yes, yoga is a big part of my life now.

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