Lynn Hancock's BIG Adventure!

When Cindee asked me to travel to Hawaii on her behalf to train with Deborah Williamson's Wild Abundant Life - I actually hesitated!  Hawaii was not the hard sell obviously, but I'd be traveling by myself, on a very long flight, with two very short layovers, staying in a room with a roommate that I did not know (not even on Facebook!  This woman could be CRAZY!), and learning a lot of curriculum material!  I would be gone from my family for ten days.  I would not be seeing my personal training clients or teaching classes so I would not be earning any money.  But I said yes anyway.

Here's why:  When we decided that BIG was going to be our studio theme for 2016, I said to myself that this wasn't just going to be a theme for the studio.  This was going to be a theme for ME and my family too.  But I had no idea how to do it.  I was starting to feel stuck and uninspired with no free time and caught up in the constant wheel of busy.  Then Cindee took a risk and a lot of trust in me and asked..."Will you go to Hawaii for me?"

It was one of the best decisions I've ever made - the decision to DO Big (our BIG sub-theme for April). Not only has the curriculum material that I've been learning stoked a fire underneath my yoga practice and teaching, but I've also connected with other brilliant and strong women with gifts to share (my roommate is NOT crazy!).  Now I'm staying for the Wild Abundant Life Barefoot Business Breakthrough to work on making Yoga Story's 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training even more accessible to future teachers and even to students just wanting to deepen their practice or learn more about a specific limb of the practice and to restructure my own personal training business. 

Sometimes, DO Big efforts don't always end up with the results we want, but that simply means we tried and we have the freedom to try something different.  I would rather try 100 times than have 100 regrets.

Lynn Hawaii 


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