Class Descriptions

HOT! ~ A power vinyasa class emphasizing a dynamic flow of challenging poses. A vigorous practice-YOU WILL SWEAT! Monday 5:45 pm and Friday 8:45 am are 75 minute classes.
Recommended for experienced yogis, although beginners are welcome to participate keeping in mind modifications and pace for your level of activity. Bring a towel and water in a closed container.
WARM ~  A slower vinyasa flow similar to hot class but with less intensity and heat. A step between beginner and hot flow. 
This is a 50 minute class.  WARM ~ A slower vinyasa flow similar to hot class but with less intensity and heat. A good break in the middle of the day that won’t leave you a sweaty mess. You will be destressed and ready for the rest of your day. Great for all levels.
WARM ~ Learn the building blocks of a Power Vinyasa Flow.  In this class we will break down the poses in a way that will help you develop a strong foundation in your practice.  Discover the connection between your body and breath as we focus on alignment.  The practice and methodology in this class will inspire you to flow!  Great for beginners and also for advanced students who want to deepen their practice.
Yoga Body Boost (or YBB as the regulars call it) starts with a vinyasa flow, adds HIIT in the middle and ends with traditional yoga stretches for a full body challenge and release!  Set to high energy music, this class will make you move and sweat!  We use an interval timer for our HIIT portion so that everyone can do what they can and break when they need to. Modifications and different intensity levels are available for each exercise. Water and mat towel are highly recommended.  Class size limited to 20.
WARM ~  A slower-paced vinyasa class in a warm (80-85 degrees) room. This class is great for beginners or experienced yogis.  
WARM ~ A practice based on Brian Kest's long, slow deep method. This class will lead you through a series of poses that you hold for 5-10 breaths, followed by a deep stretch of the muscle activated during the pose. This practice is a must if you regularly if you are a runner, cross-fitter or desk worker! The majority of the class will be spent on your mat.
Registration is capped at 25.  Pre-registration is recommended.
This is a 50 minute class.  WARM ~ This class is appropriate for all students seeking the benefits of a very relaxing, gentle, and nourishing practice.  The soothing combination of gentle hatha and deep restorative work improves range of motion and joint mobility while reducing pain and the effects of stress. Students with injuries, arthritis, or other chronic conditions are welcome in these classes.  Practitioners with limitations related to age or size as well as students with a more vigorous yoga practice will benefit from this practice.  No prior yoga experience required.
Registration is capped at 15.  Pre-registration is highly recommended.
WARM ~ Combination of slow flow, ending with restorative postures utilizing props. Great for all levels.
A 45 minute of fun yoga flow, interactive themes and yoga games.

Kid’s yoga will help your child express body awareness and find tools to balance ever changing feelings. We do this through breath awareness, story telling, yoga poses, yoga games, vocal toning and partner poses. Parents of kids 5 and younger must attend class. All parents are encouraged to attend and play!

Kid's yoga is suitable for children ages 4-8. Parent attendance required for children under 5 years, but all parents are encouraged to attend and join in on the adventure!

Pricing Options

Family for One - $12 per class
Family for Two - $15 per class
Family for Three or More - $20 per class

If a parent is attending class, please include yourself when selecting the pricing option.

Member's are free!  Select Kid's Yoga Member's Only option when booking.

In this class your toddler will learn how to connect with their body and learn mindfulness techniques. kids love games, activities, songs and your complete attention. These exercises are for your toddler but they are also for mommy, daddy, grandparents or caretakers, too! Your toddler and you will have fun learning yoga poses, breathing techniques, partner yoga and body awareness activities. Come find peace in chaos with this playful yoga class.
Classes sold separately.  Discount for monthly members applied at checkout.

WARM ~ A great way to get to know the wonderful community at Yoga Story and a great way to end the week! Taught by various teachers from the Yoga Story team, join us every Friday 5:45 pm for a Warm Flow.
*Cost $5, register on-line or at the studio. Included in monthly unlimited memberships.
*This class is not included in class packages or the 30 for $30 introductory offer, but can be purchased at a $5 drop in.
This is a 30 min class. WARM ~ Create stabilization, strength and power in your core through a series of progressive exercises designed for every BODY! Through the use of pranayama, yoga bandhas and modern day core work, you’ll engage, isolate and SWEAT! Knowing how to properly use your core helps relieve low back pain, supports running and lifting, and will assist your physical yoga practice.
*Cost $9, register on-line or at the studio. Included in monthly unlimited memberships.
*This class is not included in class packages or $30 for 30 introductory offer, but can be purchased as a $9 drop in.
ROOM TEMPERATURE ~  Slow paced style of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time. Yin yoga is a different way of stretching, as the practice helps lubricate the joints vs. stretching the belly of the muscle. Great for all levels.
ROOM TEMPERATURE ~ Saturday 75 min.  A slower-paced vinyasa class at room temperature. This class is great for beginners or experienced yogis.  Capped at 12, registration highly recommended.
This all levels 75 minute candlelit strength + fluidity flow is designed with a mix of intelligent sequencing, breath work and challenging yet accessible movement.  You will feel, sweat and transform through a heated moving meditation set to vibey music.  We'll practice letting go of the ego and expectations while honoring authenticity. 
Drop in $19
Included in memberships and class pack options
90 Minutes ~ Get Up to Get Down combines a slower paced non-heated vinyasa with restorative yoga (supported by props). We will flow to energetic music for half of class to warm the body up, then take the second part of class to use less muscle energy, and release deeper connective tissue, like ligaments, tendons and fascia. You will leave feeling relaxed, and your nervous system realigned.  All levels of practice welcome.
Find your inner peace at 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville’s weekly Saturday yoga series. Perfect the art of oneness as you work through a variety of poses.
Sessions are $10 at the door (cash or check only please) or on line through the Yoga Story website. Monthly unlimited members are free. Classes are led by certified yoga teachers from Yoga Story.
Attendees should bring their own mat or towel and water and arrive early to ensure a spot because space is limited.
Location:  200 NE A Street, Bentonville

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