Yoga Life Coaching Certification

Yoga Life Coaching Certification is a program created by Deborah Williamson of Wild Abundant Life, and a part of the Wild Abundant Life 500 Hour training.  Cindee Joslin is the only instructor, other than the founder, Debbie, who is licensed to offer this unique and life-changing training. 

Yoga Life Coaching Certification will give you the tools to start a new career, however participants often come to the program to receive powerful coaching in their own lives.  Are you ready to create a shift and find a new purpose in life?  Anyone can train to share their gift as a Yoga Life Coach.  You will learn how to use active listening and questioning skills to support your clients as well as using your own life experiences to support change and growth.   The principles can be applied to any business or relationship.

  • ability to coach real clients immediately
  • greater connection in personal relationships with friends & family
  • excellent communication skills for business & work
  • an immediate sense of joy & possibility in your own life and path
  • Business of Coaching (how to get started with your coaching business)
Come to get certified**and start a new career, or to just vastly improve the quality of your own life and your relationships.  No experience required.

**Final certification is granted following completion of 30 client sessions and 200 hour teacher training. You do not need to be certified to begin coaching.

Next training series to be announced soon!
Contact Cindee Joslin at for more information. 

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